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Welcome to The Xocolate Bar    

Store hours: Thursday through Sunday 12-6pm


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We make exotic, artistic chocolates in North Berkeley, CA.  Using organic, seasonal and local ingredients whenever possible, we create new flavors weekly. Plenty of vegan options are always available.
Our couverture is locally sourced, fine quality, and slavery-free.  We do not use artificial flavors, high-fructose corn syrup or trans fat. 

We make a variety of chocolate bars in house, like Cardamom Crunch, Fleur de Sel, & The Make Out Bar to name a few. We also carry fine chocolate bars from makers around the world.
Sipping Chocolate

Rich, dark, French-style hot chocolate is always on tap. We make it with real  chocolate (not cocoa powder) & hot water so it's nice and thick AND dairy-free.


Edible Art

Solid chocolate figurines are another Xocolate Bar specialty.  We've got everything from a 12-inch Aztec calendar to exquisitely detailed Kama Sutra tiles.   


Jewelry, Ceramics and More

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Chocolatiers Malena and Clive love to make things (not just chocolate!). If you're looking for a special gift, check out their handmade jewelry, ceramics, and other unique objects. Malena's jewelry site is here: Her fine art site is here:


The Xocolate BarClick the map to open an interactive map in a new window.

1709 Solano Ave

Berkeley, CA 94707




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